2017 Holographic Health® Seminars

These classes will be taught at the Holographic Health® Training Center in Kingsport, TN.  For more information, contact Holographic Health® at 800-566-1522, or email: .

<> The Fire Element (Red Book) – 2 days – July 22-23 - Sat 9am-5pm, Sun 9am-5pm
This is the second of four classes toward Holographic Health® Practitioner Certification. It includes 250 primary and secondary muscle tests.  The text for the class includes over 500 photos, charts and graphs to illustrate how the vast numbers of interrelated functions of the organs, glands, special senses, vitamins, minerals, and their many aspects correspond with each other through the four elements.

<> The Earth Element (Green Book) – 2 days – TBA 
This is the first of four classes toward Holographic Health® Practitioner Certification.

 <> Advanced Holographic Health Seminar – 3 days – TBA
An Event for Holographic Health Professionals.
This seminar is for practitioners who have completed all HH training. 



Nov. 2015 Holographic Health Class

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