2017 Holographic Health® Seminars

These classes will be taught at the Holographic Health® Training Center in Kingsport, TN.  For more information, contact Holographic Health® at 800-566-1522, or email: .

 <> The Air Element (Yellow Book) and The Water Element (Blue Book) - 2 days - Oct 21-22, 2017. Sat 9am-5pm; Sun 9am-5pm. This is the third of three classes toward Holographic Health® Practitioner Certification.
Volume III - Air Element - Holopathics: Everything within our world is made up of unique energy signatures and we are born, live and die in this great cosmic soup.  Every aspect of the body is composed of these distinctive patterns.  Every cell, hormone, gland, and organ is vibrating with different electronic signatures, and each one is unique on the quantum level.
This course covers the use of the Holopathic Quantum Modulator and Dot matrix quantum energy signatures.  Students learn how to utilize the energy and strength signatures necessary for the client contained in certain charts.  More than 10,000 Energy Signatures are currently available, with more being developed as needed.  By using these energy signatures, a practitioner can help to determine if a client has an imbalance within the body.  Methods to resychronize the body will be taught and students will learn how to integrate these energy signatures with the information in Volumes I and II.
Volume IV - Water Element - Holopuncture: Holopuncture utilizes a network of twelve energetic pathways.  These encircle the arms, legs, and trunk of the human body.  Holopoints are positioned at different places along the pathways.  There are 576 of these holopoints.  As in traditional Chinese acupuncture, multiple numbers of conditions are addressed in Holopuncture. Students will learn precise tests to locate the holopoints accurately.  In addition, they will identify the location of imbalances within the 12 systems.


<> The Fire Element (Red Book) – 2 days – TBA

<> The Earth Element (Green Book) – 2 days – TBA 
This is the first of three classes toward Holographic Health® Practitioner Certification.

 <> Advanced Holographic Health Seminar – 3 days – TBA
An Event for Holographic Health Professionals.
This seminar is for practitioners who have completed all HH training. 



July 2017 Holographic Health Class

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