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Comprehensive Essential Fatty Acid Support

Alpha-Omega bottle

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Essential fatty acids (EFAs) are the beginning and ending of all good nutritional programs.  They are the fats that we cannot manufacture, but we need to live.  “Essential” is used to mean “must be ingested”.  Other fatty acids are manufactured by the body.  Alpha-Omega has been shown to have an excellent effect on supporting healthy  triglyceride levels and if used with Blood Harmonizer has an overall positive effect on blood lipid levels.

There are several subtypes of fatty acids. These are Omega 3,6, and 9’s.
Research suggests that EFA insufficiencies are linked to:
  1. Growth retardation
  2. Eczema
  3. Hair loss
  4. Liver degeneration
  5. Heart problems
  6. Behavioral problems
  7. Kidney damage
  8. Arthritis pains
  9. Miscarriages
  10. Excess sweating, with thirst
  11. Sterility
  12. Susceptible to infections
  13. Weakness
  14. Dry skin
  15. Vision problems
  16. Tingling sensations in arms & legs
In Alpha-Omega, we have good balance of most of the necessary EFAs.  I have tried many different types.  This is the only one that I don’t burp.  I feel better when I take it!  Quality control in gel caps is harder than other methods because the oils may go rancid.  The way Alpha-Omega is put together seems to prevent this. 
I am pleased to offer this supplement to you.  It works well.

Ingredient Listing:
1. Flax Seed Oil(400 mg)
    This supplies:
    a. Alpha-linolenic acid((Omega 3) 212 mg)
    b. Linoleic acid((Omega 6) 47 mg)
    c. Oleic acid((Omega 9) 75 mg)
2. Borage Seed Oil(400 mg)
    This supplies:
    a. Linoleic acid((Omega 6) 128 mg)
    b. Gamma linoleic acid((Omega 6) 76 mg)
    c. Oleic acid((Omega 9) 78 mg)
3. Fish Oil(400 mg)
    This supplies:
    a. EPA (72 mg)
    b. DHA ((Omega 3) 48 mg)
    Obtained From Cold Water Fish
4. Vitamin E (15 IU)

For maintenance: 1-3 Soft Gels per day
For moderate support: 2-4 Soft Gels per day
For maximum support: 4-8 Soft Gels per day
Or consult your health practitioner.

Can be taken with or without food, day or night

100 Soft Gels/Bottles

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