Blood Harmonizer

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Nutrient Support For The Blood System

Blood Harmonizer

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This formula greatly assists with blood balances.  I first made it to balance cholesterol and triglycerides.  But it is far more effective as a general blood circulation cleansing formula.  I have seen it dissolve and stagnations as they are referred to in Oriental medicine.  Nosebleeds, blood impurities, certain kinds of headaches caused by old traumas where stagnation in the blood exists, and bruises are all helped.  Also, as strange as it may sound, certain unseen health factors that can enter from the outside and are carried in the blood can be avoided or eliminated with the use of Blood Harmonizer.  Particular forms of chemical and radioactive poisons so prevalent in our environment today will carry in the blood for years sometimes before they deposit in the tissues, wreaking all manner of health issues that are barely detectable, but dangerous nevertheless.  Blood Harmonizer balances these issues too, if these poisons are caught before they deposit in the tissues.  If the poisons reach the tissues, use Kleen Sweep and Magnesium Penetrator in combination. 

What a cholesterol reading means:
1.  What it is:  Cholesterol is a solid, waxy lipid.  50%  to 75% is manufactured in the liver.  The rest comes from our diet, the small intestines and cellular activity.

2.  What it does:.  It covers every cell in the body and allows nutrients and hormones in, while providing a barrier to wastes and toxins.  Fifty percent of our myelin nerve sheath is cholesterol.  It is used in the manufacture of our major hormones and bile acids and is considered an antioxidant.  More simply put, we can’t live without it and if it is out of balance, we can’t live with it and be truly healthy.
3.  What a reading means: There are four parts to consider.  These are 1) total cholesterol, 2) high density lipids (HDL), 3) low density lipids (LDL), and 4) very low density lipids (VLDL).  Total cholesterol refers to the total amount of all cholesterol in the blood.  The following three categories are cholesterol blood transporters called lipoproteins.  These are just fractions from which the total cholesterol is broken down. 
(1)High density lipoproteins (HDL)  It is the protective fraction of cholesterol.  HDL draws cholesterol away from the linings of arteries.  The higher the HDL, the more protection from heart disease.

(2)Low density lipoproteins (LDL) These are the real “bad guys” in coronary heart disease.  LDL carries cholesterol through the blood and deposits it in the arteries as plaque (also known as atheroma, which produces atherosclerosis or coronary heart disease.

(3)Very low density lipoproteins (VLDL) These are used by the liver  to manufacture LDL.   VLDL can also act as a transport mechanism for excess triglycerides.

Ratios exist between HDL and LDL that are considered normal.  Experts concur that if you can significantly reduce the total cholesterol reading, the others, including their ratios, usually drop.
Many cholesterol-lowering drugs (called H.M.G. or  COA reductase inhibitors) can be rough on the liver or don’t work with the balance of the body.    Remember that I am offering therapeutic food supplements to support and balance the body’s internal systems.  I am not prescribing any course of action as a medical authority.

Try to do your part, which is: Reduce fat, starch and sugar.  Don’t eat fried foods.  Eat more fruits, vegetables and lean meats in small quantities.  Blood Harmonizer will help to clean and stabilize the blood from there.

Ingredient Listing
1.  Red Yeast Extract
This is the primary ingredient in Blood Harmonizer.  It has been used in China for centuries as a spice.  It is the fermented product of red yeast which is cultivated on rice. In 1979, researchers discovered that this Chinese remedy contained monacolin K, a substance that inhibits the activity of an enzyme involved in the production of choesterol.
2.  Odorless Garlic
Used for centuries as a heart and immune system tonic.  It regulates blood pressure by increasing blood purity.
3. Taurine
Needed for the digestion of fats, the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins and the balance of serum cholesterol levels.
4.  Beta Sitosterol
 Supports blood system balance
5.  Ginger
Many studies indicate that ginger can assist with regulating cholesterol and cleansing the blood.
6.  Fenugreek
Rich in a soothing fiber called mucilage.  It has been demonstrated in animals and humans to have cholesterol balancing properties.
7.  Celery Seed Powder
Experimentally, celery juice significantly supports optimal cholesterol and LDL levels in animals.
8.  Reishi Mushroom
 Supports the cleansing action in the blood.
9.  Shiitake
Contains lentinan.  According to the “Lawrence Review of Natural Products,” lentinan has cholesterol-regulating action.
10-12.  Amylase, Lipase, & Protease
My signature three digestives to make Blood Harmonizer digest properly.
13.  Peppermint Oil
Used as a digestive support for the stomach.
For maintenance:  1-3 a day
For blood support of any kind:  3 to 6 a day.
If total cholesterol is above 200: 6-9 a day.
Or consult your health practitioner.

Can be taken with or without food, day or night
100 Capsules/Bottle

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