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Eyes/Ears/Nose/Throat – Nutritional support for healthy eyes, ears, nose and throat (New! -- formerly SENSES)

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Eyes/Ears/Nose/Throat – Nutritional support for healthy eyes, ears, nose and throat (formerly SENSES)

Ear infections are so common among children that they may be thought of as a type of ongoing epidemic.  Antibiotics, dispensed like candy to children, are becoming less and less effective.  Ear infections in the adult population are almost as common as they are in children; however, many of these adult ear infections go unrecognized.  This is because they can manifest in unusual ways not easily identifiable as coming from the ear.

In our Holographic Health® testing system, I find ear involvements very often. The most distressing thing about ear infections is that even if they are identified, they are very stubborn to eradicate.  Just when you think they are finally gone, they return.

In Chinese medicine, ear infections are differentiated into two categories.  These are acute and chronic.  Symptoms range from: 1) Sudden: throbbing pain in ear, hearing impaired, fever, chills, headache, dizziness, yellow discharge, to 2) Lingering:  attacks of middle ear pain, smelly discharge from ear, dizziness, impaired hearing, mild fever, possible lethargy.

The eyes are often the victim of ear infections that migrate over into them. 

Ingredient Listing

1.  Beta Carotene
Converted by the body into vitamin A.  This is for the eyes.  It is a major immune support.
2.  Thiamine (B1)
Insufficiency signs of B1 are:  poor memory, headaches, dizziness, irritability, depression, insomnia, apathy, senility, noise sensitivity, fatigue, low HCL acid, constipation, appetite loss, edema, eye muscles freeze, nervous collapse, neuritis in legs and toes like pins and needles.   B1 corrects an insufficiency condition known as beri-beri, which produces muscle loss, paralysis in legs, burning in toes, calves and soles, tingling in hands, and swelling in arms, legs, trunk and ankles.
3.  Folate (L-Methylfolate)
Another element recommended by Hildegard for the ears.
4.  Silymarin
It strengthens the liver which, according to Chinese medicine, has a corresponding effect on the eyes.
5.  Fennnel Seed
Using fennel helps protect the eyes from inflammation and also help reduce disorders related to premature aging and macular degeneration.
6.  Poria
This is found in Chinese medicine to maintain ear health. 
7.  Oregano
Another element recommended by Hildegard for the ears.
8.  Myrrh
This is a legendary weapon in the arsenal of Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine. 
9-11.  Amylase, Lipase, & Protease
These are my signature three food enzymes that allow this formula to break down properly in the stomach for rapid assimilation.
10.  Peppermint Oil
Another support to digestive functions, particularly for the stomach.

100 tablets per bottle


For mild support: 1-3 Tablets per day
For maximum support: 4-6 Tablets per day
Children under 10 yr. old: 1-2 Tablets per day

Or consult your health practitioner.

Note: Allow 30 days to determine if it helps. 


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