Magnesium Penetrator

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Holistic Formula to Regulate And Balance The Utilization Of Magnesium

Magnesium Penetrator

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So many clients have asked me why I did not have a calcium-magnesium combination formula.  The answer is simple.  Calcium and magnesium compete for absorption sites in the small intestines!  They are antagonistic to each other, so if you take them at the same time at least some of what you expect to get out of the supplement will be lost.  Worse yet, when there is an excess of usable calcium in the body it is deposited in the soft tissues.  This causes all kinds of problems.  All of the myalgias, so common today, are the direct result of too much calcium in the tissues.

Research has shown that we must  keep the soft tissues in proper balance.  That is,  supple, young, and free from excess waste products that cause pain and rapid aging.  Because of our acid forming life styles, including diet, lack of exercise, and an unbelievable amount of stressors, our much needed calcium migrates from the hard tissues (bones) to the soft tissues.  This causes premature aging as this generalized calcification of the soft tissues process that is going on as we age.  In the arteries, calcification results in hardening of the arteries.  In the heart, it results in heart problems.  In the joints, calcification causes arthritis.  In the kidneys, calcification causes gallstones.  In the skin, calcification causes wrinkled skin.  In the kidneys, calcification causes kidney stones.  In the eyes, calcification causes cataracts.  In the hair, calcification causes brittle hair.  In the brain, calcification causes senility.  In the cells, calcification causes a blockage of protein synthesis.

The interesting thing to note here is that the mitochondria of each cell that produces our cellular energy is magnesium dependent.

If too much calcium is in the cell, it will die.  First the cells age, then the organs age.  As they age, we as individuals age.  Every function of your body can be inhibited when the mitochondria calcify.

If you are going to take both Calcium Penetrator and Magnesium Penetrator, then take Magnesium Penetrator in the morning and Calcium Penetrator in the evenings.

Ingredient Listing
1.  Magnesium Aspartate
Goes to the inner layer of the outer cell membrane.
2-5.  Magnesium Citrate, Gluconate, Orotate & Oxide
These forms of magnesium enter into the tissues easily now because the previous magnesium energetically opens the gate for proper absorption.  These magnesiums also displace excess calcium that is improperly stored in the tissues causing disease.
6.  Vitamin B6
This important vitamin is a powerful cofactor in correct magnesium utilization.
7-11.  Lipase, Amylase, Protease, Lactase, & Peppermint Oil
These are my signature digestive enzymes that insure that proper dispersal and utilization of all the magnesiums will occur.
12.  Alfalfa
This herb has been added in a tiny amount in order to help hold certain energies necessary to the purpose and function of this formula.  Magnesium is also found in fair amounts in alfalfa.

For maintenance: 1-2 Tablets per day
For moderate support: 2-6 Tablets per day
For maximum support: 6-9 Tablets per day
Or consult your health practitioner.

Can be taken safely with or without food, day or night

100 Tablets/Bottles 

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