Queen's Delight

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An Incredible Blend Of All Of The Finest Bee Products In One Food Supplement

Queen's Delight

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Some people kept on Dr. Baroody about making a truly comprehensive B-Complex in pill form with the Holographic Health® principles imbued in the product.  He worked on this idea for some time before realizing there was already one in existence in which there was no way to top. He always considered bee products to be the most wholesome foods available to us.  Both bee pollen and royal jelly have a complete pan-total complement of all the known B vitamins and their precursors in a perfectly balanced blend for the human body.  Yet he wanted more.  He sought to have produced a product that contained not only bee pollen and royal jelly, but bee propolis as well.  The source for this had to be local and fresh.  Most royal jelly, propolis, and pollen products that you find are from overseas and have lost most, if not all, of their potency and freshness.  Hevsought to know the beekeepers personally and that they themselves collected the product in its purest, freshest form.  He also wanted something powerful enough to knock your socks off.  He finally found the right combination. It is a very precise combination of freeze-dried bee pollen, bee propolis, and bee royal jelly. We recommend this to anyone for their overall nutritional support. Caution:  A very tiny percent of the population are allergic to bee products, (about .5 of 1 percent). These poor souls are generally allergic to most everything.   If you have concerns about your response to bee products, start very slowly with the ingestion of this or any other bee products.

Ingredient Listing
1.  Royal Jelly
Royal jelly is a “thick milky” substance that worker bees produce to feed the larva of workers bees for the first 3 days. . However, the larva which the workers have selected to develop into Queens are continued to be fed royal jelly by worker bees for 10 days. The abundance of royal jelly is what makes the larva become a Queen. Queen bees are made from the same kind of egg that makes a worker but the egg fed more royal jelly produces a Queen. It is the royal jelly that makes a Queen a Queen.  I think this speaks volumes in itself.  If royal jelly is potent enough to alter the genetic potential in common bees, imagine what it will do for you!  This is truly an amazing product. Royal jelly is an extract (powder or liquid form). The powder extract is by far the most popular and is what capsules contain. There are two methods of achieving a powdered extract, (1) Freeze-dried or (2) Spray-dried. Freeze-drying the royal jelly cost more to manufacture but it is also the best way because no food preservatives have to be added. Freeze Drying the royal jelly removes all the moisture content. Contrary to what some royal jelly providers say, no nutritional value is lost in this process. This substance contains all of the B-Complex vitamins, including a high concentration of pantothenic acid (B5) and pyridoxine (B6).  It is the only natural source of pure acetylcholine. Royal jelly also contains minerals, enzymes, hormones, 18 amino acids, and vitamins A, C, D, and E. 
Source: Bee Pollen, Royal Jelly, Propolis and Honey by Rita Elkins, M.H.
2.  Propolis
Propolis is a substance made by the honeybee. It is the sticky coating around buds that serves to protect them from the elements of weather plus from attack by bacteria, fungi, molds, and viruses. Hundreds of chemical compounds have been identified from bee propolis extract. The main chemical classes present in propolis are flavonoids, phenolics, and various aromatic compounds.
3. Bee Pollen
Bee pollen is like having a whole food store in the palm of your hand. It is a storehouse of vitamins, minerals, proteins, fats and oils, carbohydrates, amino acids, over 5,000 enzymes and coenzymes, hormones, peptones, polypeptides and globulins, high concentrations of the nucleic acids RNA and DNA, and a variety of other substances. The human body could practically survive on honey bee pollen alone. This is because it is the only food which contains, in perfect balance, all 22 known essential nutritional elements (and others yet to be identified), which humans require to achieve and maintain optimum vitality. The honeybee collects only the purest of pollens. It avoids all toxic plants, including those contaminated with pesticides.

For maintenance: 1 -2 Capsules per day
For moderate support: 3 -4 Capsules per day
For maximum support: 5 -8 Capsules per day
Or consult your health practitioner.

Can be taken with or without food, day or night

90 Capsules/Bottle

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