Restore Balance - Resynchronize imbalances and restore functionality
Invigorate and Protect - Establish a plan to address both the physical and emotional
Balance Mind and Body - All around us lies the ocean of quantum particles, waves, and superstrings that we move within
Connect With Your Natural Self - Encompass all the aspects that make you what you are....from bones to emotions, and from thought to intuitive "feeling"

Note: Due to the increased costs of maintaining and printing the hardcopy HH Catalog / Product Information Guide, we regret that these are no longer available.

Our Purpose
Serving Others

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Become a Certified Holographic Health Practitioner

Seminars for those wishing to become a Certified Holographic Health Practitioner are being offered at the Holographic Health Training Center.  We base our seminar program on the original work of the late Dr. Theodore A. Baroody, DC, ND, PhD (Nutrition) as further developed by our staff.

We now have dates for the seminar schedule for 2024!  Just click on Learn More below.
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Dietary Supplements
and Useful Products

>>PLEASE READ: In case you are not able to locate your favorite product, it's probably because we are currently restructuring our product line, mainly because we have encountered some difficulties over the wording of some of our labels.   We hope to get back to normal shortly -- please bear with us! <<

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