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An Anointing Oil That Opposes Chaotic Outside Influences

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Holographic Health® includes all facets of our health and life here.  Just as I believe in and have seen angels, so also do I believe in and have seen the other spectrum of life.

Practically every aspect of Jesus’ healing work related to the “casting out of demons”, then health immediately returned.  Any holistic healer worth his/her salt will tell you that unseen influences occasionally interfere with our health.  Being  a Christian, the struggle between light and dark becomes a constant reality to me; particularly when looking at the body as a whole.  For me, the SOUL is what makes us live.

These outside influences are forces of chaos that would weaken and disrupt our spiritual life if they could.  Just as people can be cunning and devious in this world, there are discarnate entities who are also cunning, devious, and in some cases, just plain malicious.  You do not have to believe in God, have a religion or believe in an afterlife to see the way these dark forces are presently shaping our world.

To help mitigate, protect and deal with some of these energies during this turbulent age of the prophecies, I have formulated “Delete”.  It is an anointing oil that is designed to give us protection and a little breathing room from these malevolent forces, until whatever is going to happen, finally happens in this world.

Symptoms of this problem are tricky because these energies can mimic any other health conditions, even ones as simple as headaches.  Children are especially susceptible because they are more open and innocent.  Listen to your children’s speech.  If it drastically changes, pray for guidance.  God will reveal the truth to you.  Irrational activity among adults is another sign.  Quick mood changes and tendencies to violence are indicators on occasion.  Sometimes just long-term sickness that seems undiagnosable by your doctors can be a sign.

Delete is composed of nine essential oils in a base of high-grade almond oil.  These work in a synergistic manner for this imbalanced state.  It must be understood that the oils alone are not strong enough to do this work.  It is the sealed frequencies that are prayers of protection in conjunction with the right oils in the right amounts that actually make this formula so powerful.
Remember that St. Paul wrote in Ephesians 6:12...For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of  this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”

Many people worldwide have contacted me for help with these difficult, sometimes unspeakable problems.   I don’t do any personal consulting on this situation.  Contact your religious leader for further guidance.

Pray unceasingly.

If you feel you might be afflicted by these sources, put a drop on the crown of head, to the right of the crown, on the throat, heart, navel,
and one on the bottom of each
foot or anywhere else there is some need of attention.  
Also smear on doors and window frames.
Either it will help or not.  There are no side-effects and it smells nice.

(Oil) 1 oz./Bottle

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