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Comprehensive Hormonal System Support For The Lower Body

Feel Good

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Feel Good is a formula for both men and women.  It targets the lower body hormones: the adrenal glands, cells of Leydig and testes in men,  and the adrenals and cells of Leydig in women. Practically everyone that I test needs some adrenal support.

We really abuse and weaken our adrenals which are our anti-stress glands in this society.  By supporting and nourishing these areas, greater energy levels are reached.  About 75% of the people I see as clients have weak adrenal glands.  These very important glands not only supply part of our valuable “feel good” energy, they help with blood sugar regulation and a host of other vital functions.

Researched and documented issues of the adrenal glands are:
•Impaired digestion 
•Poor appetite 
•Lowered energy level 
•Arthritic conditions
•Either hyper or hypotension
•Middle of night insomnia

Ingredient Listing and Rationale for Usage:
1.  Adrenal Gland Extract
Principal ingredient.  Very important building block material for adrenal function.  This affects blood sugar and both the cortex (cortisols) and the medulla of the adrenal glands. 
2.  L-Glutamine
An amino acid that increases brain function and adrenal function.
3-6.  Vitamin B1. B2, B5, B6
 Shown to nutritionally support adrenals 
7-8.  Yohimbe and Damiana
Supports adrenal function nutritionally.
9.  Saw Palmetto
Research shows it is helpful to the male prostate and the female uterus.
10.  Sea Salt (Sodium and Chloride ions)
These essential ions are very necessary for the adrenal gland itself.  If the adrenals do not have at least a trace sodium, no matter what you do, their function will reduce.  The amounts are very minute and are not enough to cause problems for salt-sensitive people. We use material from DeSouza Sea Salt.  This is the only one that tests consistently good.
11-12.  Zinc Gluconate and Potassium  Chloride
Research shows these minerals support nutritionally the adrenal gland.
13.  Cold Pressed Flaxseed Oil 
Provides Omega 3 factors 
14.  Vanadyl Sulphate
A special mineral ingredient used to build strength. Very similar in its action to Chromium Picolinate.  It nutritionally supports our blood sugar metabolism.
15-17.  Lipase, Amylase, & Protease
These enzymes cause the correct breakdown and assimilation of other ingredients in this formulation.
18.  L-Taurine
Researched amino acid that works directly with the endocrine system 
19.  Licorice
An herb that from ancient history that supports the immune system. 
For maintenance: 1-2 tablets per day
For moderate support:   2-4 tablets per day
For maximum support:   4-8 tablets per day
Or consult your health practitioner.

Feel Good formula can be taken safely with or without food in the day.  If it should cause you stay awake at night  because of increased energy, do not take it later than 4:00pm and this will cease to be a problem.
00 Tablets/Bottle 

If You Want To Be All You Should,
Pick Up Your Pep With FEEL GOOD

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