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Comprehensive Nutrient Support For Fungal Homeostasis

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Authorities state that 80 million (1 out of 3) Americans may have too much candida albicans in their systems. Candida is a fungal yeast infection. The list of problems that a candida overgrowth may cause are shocking. The tricky thing about candida is that it is a naturally occurring yeast in our bodies. The body can become overpopulated with it before the immune system will react. When the immune system does finally react, it is not necessarily to the candida overgrowth. It responds to the many candida toxins causing bacterial, viral and parasitic mass production. Even if the immune system is strong enough to handle the multiple critters birthed by the candida toxins, the candida infection itself still stays intact systemically in the body creating havoc on all levels. Then the entrenched candida simply begins again. More and more toxins are produced while the overworked immune system struggles to readjust and salvage what it can from onslaught to onslaught. Meanwhile, you, the candida victim, just get sicker and sicker from one infection then another until a total collapse becomes imminent. 
 Some conditions that have been clinically connected to a candida overgrowth invasion are: constipation; memory loss; depression; headaches; nausea; hyperactivity; ear fluids; dizziness; lost taste and smell; hives; acne; dry mouth; bad breath; schizophrenia; all types of infections including Epstein-Barr virus, chronic fatigue syndrome prostatitis; poor digestion; cystitis; arthritis; kidney infections; multiple sclerosis; allergies.
 A yeast-free diet is recommended but very hard to handle. The first thing I tell clients is to stop all fruit. Above all things, candida and all fungal infections love fruit. Next, reduce as much as possible milk sugar, other types of sugar, carbohydrate/refined/ white flour type breads, rice and potatoes. Reduce cheese, wine, beer, brewer’s yeast, white vinegar, mushrooms and malt for at least 21 days. In my opinion, the undisputed classic book on the subject of candida is “The Yeast Connection” by William G. Crook, M.D.
1. Black Walnut Hulls
This is the #1 substance to balance the body's candida population.
2. Olive Leaf Extract
Very powerful. Has a well documented effect on regulationg candida and fungus as well as immune support. Used here to balance the water element.
3. Myrrh Powder
Very powerful for immune support.
4. Grapefruit Seed Extract
Recent clinical research shows this extract to be helpful to support microbial balance.
5. Pau D’Arco
A South American bark that inhibits the growth of fungus.
6. Caprylic Acid
An aggressive fatty acid for fungal balance.
7. Garlic (Odorless)
Excellent for immune support and fungal balance.
8. Turmeric
Used here as an antioxidant and free radical scavenger.
9. Bee Propolis
Has ancient history of use to support the immune system.
10. Goldenseal
Known for its fungal-balancing properties and immune support.
11. Peppermint Oil Powder
Digestive support.
12. Wormwood
Great herb against all kinds of worms. These often feed off of fungal
13-15. Amylase, Lipase, and Protease
Used as a digestive aids for this formula. This is our signature combination.
Contains Coconut as a natural source of Caprylic Acid.
Contains Rice Flour.
For mild support: 1-3 per day
 For moderate support: 2-6 per day
 For maximum support: 3-9 per day



Fungal Balance & Nail-Well


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